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Dining Services - Any Available Position

Works in a Dining Services operation including but not limited to cooking, cashier duties, food
and beverage preparation, serving, sanitation, etc.

(included but not limited to)
General Duties:
1. Cooperate with other employees and share work load to maintain high level of customer
2. Retrieve, rotate, price stock and maintain proper levels.
3. Retrieve, rotate, clean and maintain proper level of condiments at condiment bar/cart.
4. Keep floors clean of debris and sweep/mop.
5. Remove and replace garbage liners.
6. Maintain proper dining room cleanliness by cleaning tables and floors.
7. Responsible for cleanliness and general condition of grill area and/or cashier area.
8. Perform other related duties as assigned.
9. Work in a safe manner being aware of personal safety and safety of others.

Cooking Duties:
1. Help prepare food for meals; general cooking and food productions, working with cooks
and salad makers to prepare sandwiches, casseroles, gelatin molds, salad, etc.
2. Work with hot foods, hot liquids, sharp utensils, power equipment, slicers, deep fryers,
ovens, steamers, steam kettles, and hand tools.
3. Serve hot food entrée of the day, maintaining proper portion control.
4. Knowledge of Dining Service operation items, portions, proper cooking temperatures,

Commissary Duties:
1. Assist in making salads, sandwiches, cups and combos.
2. Follow standardized recipes.
3. Follow proper sanitation procedures.
4. Organize commissary orders to get items to different units on campus.

Bakery Duties:
1. Assist Baker in making bake goods for dining outlets on campus.
2. Must pay attention to the proper rotation of freezer product.
3. Place product on bake pans for production and distribution.
4. Proper scaling of recipes for production.
5. Proper division of product for production.
6. Follow proper sanitation procedures.

Barista Duties:
1. Assist customers in the selection and purchasing of any of Dining Services’ special
coffee beverages, and brewed coffee, Frappuccino, promotional beverages, and whole
bean coffee sales.
2. Prepare a variety of customer beverage orders such as espresso and “coffee of the
3. Responsible for routine sampling within the store area.
4. Follows standards for inventory, merchandising, stocking, rotating and storing all

Cashier Duties:
1. Knowledge of Dining Services food item prices.
2. Knowledge in the operation of cash registers, and knows how to properly handle a
customer transaction.
3. May be responsible for opening and closing one of the Retail Operations units each day.
4. Follows cash handling procedures.

Receives routine supervision from an Assistant Student Supervisor, Student Supervisor, or
Student Personnel Supervisor, fulltime staff, and Operation Managers.

Assist Student Supervisors, fulltime staff, Operation Managers in training new Kitchen
Attendants in job procedures, workplace safety, food safety, and sanitation.
1. Must be a registered student attending NMU.
2. Preferably have some food preparation and/or fast food cooking knowledge, cashier
experience, and customer service skills.

1. Have an extensive amount of food preparation and/or food service skills.
2. Willingness to improve skills.
3. Experience/training in food service retail operations.
4. ServSafe certified

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